Transform your academic library

Seamless integration

Integrating your LMS with other college or university systems eliminates re-keying and maintains data integrity, increasing the time library staff have to spend supporting students.

Accurate reporting

Sets of clear management information reports come as standard, saving staff time producing them, and improving the analysis of key library data.

Library search

Students can discover all your resources through a fully hosted, online search. Students can create personalised reading lists, and receive recommendations for relevant material from your collection.

Meeting student needs

A customisable and fully college or university branded LMS, staff can deliver a service that informs and inspires - all while providing a library that is the heart of your institution.

Time and cost saving

Easily integrated with other systems, such as the student portal, VLE, CRM or finance systems, saving your institution time and money.

Beyond the service desk

Our LMS ePayments module integrates library charges with any online payment provider, allowing students to pay their library charges 24/7.


Our system is more intuitive to use, and we’ve greatly reduced the amount of clicks it takes for students to get from A to B. As a result, activity levels have risen sharply. We’re able to visibly demonstrate our commitment to getting students the books they need.

Assistant Head of Learning Services, Edge Hill University