Engage with your Further Education and College Community

Built by College leaders

Originally built and developed by college leaders for the needs of Sixth Form Colleges, we will hold regular user groups to help inform the future development roadmap of the platform. 

Data-rich view of students' progress

From punctuality to attainment, attendance to progress, parents and staff can engage with the necessary data they need to keep students on track for success in their studies. 

Better communication for better results

With a Pastoral log and tools to easily contact subject teachers and tutors, communication channels in colleges have never been so open, allowing all stakeholders to be informed of students' progress. 

Accessible from any device

CEDAR student engagement tool is accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile wherever you are to fit in with your staff and parent body's busy schedules and be more engaging for students. 

Investment plans

We are dedicated to developing CEDAR further and pledge to invest £1.75m in the platform in the coming years as well as roll out the platform to the wider Further Education sector. 


CEDAR seamlessly integrates with UNIT-e and can be used alongside other MIS solutions. 

Meet Ofsted expectations

CEDAR's focus on attendance management, pastoral support, and achievement monitoring aligns well with OFSTED's criteria for assessing the quality of education in colleges.


CEDAR means the College can look at each individual student and support them on their educational journey, helping them achieve and reach their potential as an individual.

Paddy Diamond, Head of MIS, Greenhead College

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"UNIT-e has been trusted by the sector for more than 30 years, and so we know that the future of CEDAR is in safe hands." 

Nick Burnham, Principal, Cardinal Newman College